The Last Week in Pollena

My last week in Pollena was very similar to the first, except it I was more comfortable in my surroundings. At the beginning of the week, I started a new trench with Arianne, which was really interesting, because I’ve never started a new trench before. I also got to have a day of flotation with Ashleigh,  which is nice because we get to sit in the shade, pumping water throughout a three bucket system. You add dirt from a trench, and the organic material floats to the surface. We found lots of carbon, and some ancient seeds, it was so cool!! I was in Alex’s trench most of the week, which was exhausting, because we are pretty much shoveling, pick-axing, troweling, and wheelbarrowing the dirt up the hill (hence the nickname “The Death Trench”). Plus, its almost all modern context, so we can’t keep any of the finds. But, I actually really liked being on Alex’s trench, because having some physical activito felt really good, we got to listen to Disney music all day, and I really like Alex!

There was one niget when we tried to go out to dinner in Naples, but we chose a sort of expensive place, so I only got a salad (which turned out to be small), and then even though a few of us decided not to go out for drinks, because of the terrible public transportation, it took us hours to get home, and we ended up on the same bus as the people who did go out for a drink. It was kind of terrible, but I did enjoy getting to know the housemates who I didn’t know very well.

All in all, it was a good and satisfying last week. I really enjoyed the dig, but it felt like the perfect amount of time- apart from leaving my friends, I was ready for something different.

**** I’ve been trying for a week to upload pictures so I can post this post, and I finally got them all on the site, but now they won’t attach to the post. I’m really tired of trying to get them on here (and rewriting this post: this is my fourth attempt!),  so I will upload them in a later post when I have better internet so I can finally post about the week before last! Sorry all!


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