…And happiness wins out!!

So of course I wrote this WEEKS ago and never posted it. Whoops! This blog thing is hard…But I still wanted to share it!!!


She’s home! Luna is home!

   So last week I had about 3 really vivid dreams about finding Luna. On Wednesday night I had two in a row. After the first one, I got up, it was about 2:50 am, and I had this need to go look out of our sliding doors (where we put out Luna’s food, water, and liter box, to help her find her way home). I didn’t see her, and I was tired, so I decided against sticking my head out and calling for her (which I’ve been doing randomly during the day when I’m home), and went back to bed (where I had another vivid dream of finding her).
  My husband got up that morning and found a note on our door from some people in her building who saw her eating and hanging out in front of our sliding doors that night at 3 am!!! They tried to catch her, but she ran away. They even looked for her for  a half an hour (so sweet!). I was frustrated because I had been awake when she was there! But it was also so relieving to know that she was alive and knew where home was.
  I called my mom and told her about it and we agreed that we were both feel a Universal intuition/energy that she was coming home soon. I had a really good and positive feeling all day that she would be home soon. My husband was even trying to talk me down a little bit because he didn’t want me to be disappointed if we had to keep waiting.
  So, that night we decided to leave our sliding doors open. I got up again around 3:30 to use the bathroom, and just had to go out and check. I stuck my head out of our sliding doors and called and she wasn’t there. I had a moment of disappointment because I had been feeling so positive about this all day! And then I heard meowing from inside the apartment!!! I looked over to my roommate’s closed door. It turns out that he had come home and left his window open for the night, but had shut his door. Her little paw was sticking out from under his door trying to get out of his room! She had come in through his window! She was more grey and black than white and black, and she’s definitely skinnier (You can see her hip bones and really feel her spine, but she doesn’t look emaciated).
  I woke up my husband and he was ecstatic as well. I ended up staying up with her for about two hours because he explained to me that if a dehydrated person or animal chugs water, they’ll throw it back up again and then they’re worse off than they were- it takes them twice as long to recover. So I stayed up and gave her water and food, and then kept taking them away for a couple of minutes, so things could settle down in her stomach. She finally calmed down, and I slept the last two hours before my alarm with her on my chest. I was exhausted the next day, but I didn’t care at all!!!
  Besides making me insanely happy, this experience has made me think more about intuition and the power of positive energy. While I was so happy when she came home, I didn’t have that surprised happiness that I normally would have had. It’s like I knew she’d be back! It was a really wonderful experience (the homecoming, not the lost cat), and it made me feel more in tune with my inner self.

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