Spring flow…

So, I’m still in/figuring out my transition period. I’ve been pretty successful at turning my diet into a more plant-based one, which is great! I’ve been making some great dishes lately, trying to focus on more whole foods, and they’ve been turning out pretty well!

I made a cauliflower crust pizza from the Blissful Basil cookbook- it turned out okay, but maybe I didn’t make the crust correctly, because it was sort of soggy. I had much better luck with this Green Goddess Spring Socca recipe from The Full Helping (one of the great blogs I’m following). I had never heard of Socca before. It’s so simple and easy to make! Basically just chickpea flour, water, oil, and a few seasonings. I actually couldn’t find chickpea flour at my Whole Foods, but I ended up buying dried chickpeas and grinding them up in my coffee grinder, lol! The resulting crust was probably more grainy than usual, but it was still so delicious!

I’ve also been making a lot of simple bowls of food lately. For example: the other night I just roasted some sweet potatoes and broccoli, and put them in a bowl with some massaged kale and sauteed mushrooms, put a dollop of Trader Joe’s hummus and the Superseed Pesto I made to top the Socca, and drizzled the leftover Green Goddess dressing on top. So simple and so satisfying! I found a link to a 5 Ingredients 4 Dinners post from Nutrition Stripped (yet another amazing blog), and this post is just up my alley! Super simple ingredients that make quick and easy meals! I need more plans like this one.

The other thing I made recently were the Present Glo Bars from the Oh She Glows cookbook. This is one of Angela’s tried and true recipes (she used to sell them!), and it did not disappoint! I’ve actually been having them for breakfast lately.

Focusing my attention on all these plant based recipes doesn’t necessarily mean I’ve gone completely vegan…. my husband made gluten free Chicken Cordon Bleu, and I could not say no. OMG, it was amazing!!! We did get a picture of that one, and I’ll update once I get my hands on it.

It’s the exercising part of my journey that keeps stumping me. I don’t want to call myself lazy, but I feel like I’m…lazy. I get pumped up and psyched and then after a couple of days I stop because I don’t feel like it anymore. The one time in my life when I was exercising regularly, I MADE myself do it every lunchtime at work, and it really stuck for a while (until I met my husband… boys are distracting, what can I say?). I’m focusing right now on getting 10, 000 steps a day, and my goal is to have a perfect week on my Fitbit. It hasn’t happened yet, but I’m close! I think that I just need to go back to NO EXCUSES, I have to start moving, at least three times a week. We’ll see how that sticks. Any advice on sticking to an exercise plan? I’m all ears…

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